The flu season is coming and it can be very toxic for health of your entire family. However, it can be managed easily if you remain extremely vigilant and take some important precautions in your day to day life. Here is a list of useful tips on how to stop the spread of flu in your home. 

  • Some Simple Practices:

A recent analysis has revealed that some very simple practices like opening a window or washing your hands regularly will reduce your chances of spreading the flu in your home.  Apart from flu and cold viruses, hand washing can also keep other microorganisms away from your home.  

  • Clean all Surfaces Properly:

Any small surface in your home may turn into a source of contamination. If any of your infected family members coughs or sneezes, then the expulsion may produce droplets which will move from air and will land on any surface of your home. Flu viruses may stay on different surfaces for several hours. So, one has to clean his home surfaces like fridge doors, benches and tables regularly with the help of soap or detergent.

  • Dispose of Tissues Immediately:

Keeping the bag of garbage in your home for long time may spread germs in speedy way. So, regular disposal of garbage is one of the effective ways to go green. Any member of your family, who is looking after garbage disposal, has to wear mask on his mouth so as to avoid inhaling unhealthy air.

  • Install House Air Purifiers:

Sometimes the air quality in your home may become worse than the quality of air outside. So don’t allow your lungs to inhale all this dirty air. House air purifiers will play important role in keeping air in your home healthy and fresh.

  • Sink everything in hot water:

Place each piece of drinking cup and silverware in a hot water. By following this technique you can kill all the germs with bleach and hot water. Dishwaters are also effective as they will give you guarantee of sanitizing. 

If you follow above discussed suggestions regularly then you can find some significant improvement in your home environment which will eventually influence your health and lifestyle.