If you keep your digital camera in well maintained and cleaned condition then it not only looks good but it also gives you better performance. If you have digital SLR camera then you have to take care of its image sensor regularly. Here we have revealed some useful tips on how to clean your digital camera.

  • The first and foremost important step is to decide whether you want to do a wet clean or dry clean of you camera. Dry cleaning of digital camera involves using bulb device like rocker blower, while wet cleaning can be done with the help of cleaning fluid.
  • It is always recommended to avoid using any rough cloths, facial tissues or coarse bristle brush to clean your digital camera. Always prefer a microfiber cloth which will help you to get rid of all the smudges and grimes properly.
  • If you have recently used your digital camera for outdoors then use a gentle brush to remove tiny particles of dirt or sand from the camera.
  • Most of the camera cleaning fluids are highly inflammable as they contain traces of methanol. These fluids are dangerous to use and you should always consult a technical expert before using them to clean your camera.
  • Carbon-based pens can be extremely effective for cleaning the camera lenses. They are extremely convenient as they have cleaning tip on one end and gentle brush at the other end. While cleaning the body of digital camera, always pay an extra attention to built-in flash and view finder.
  • In order to test if your camera sensor and lens are free from dust, go outdoors on sunny day and open your digital camera to f-stop. Click few pictures and review whether they are of proper quality or not.

Keeping your digital camera in tip-top condition is important as you don’t know when a perfect photo opportunity will come. Above mentioned tactics will definitely help you to clean your digital camera in perfect way.