While curtains can add a very homey and cozy feeling to any space, it is understandable why blinds are much more preferred by many homeowners and tenants alike. For one thing, they are a lot easier to clean and hold less dirt than curtains do – that is if only you give them a light dusting once in a while.

Take a look at your existing blinds and check to see if there are any added layer of greasy dust. If so, it is required for you to remove them before cleaning. Otherwise, it is not necessary for them to be taken down – another reason to go with blinds instead of curtains.

After the initial thorough cleanup, a light dusting once a week added to your regular cleaning routine should do the trick. Then every after every couple of months or so, you can even choose to do this twice a year, clean it thoroughly.

How to clean blinds:


  • Using a microfiber cloth, or even an electric duster, dust your blinds starting from the top all the way down, paying more attention to the valence since more dirt seems to assemble there. Repeat the same on the underside of the blinds.


  • Every month, use your vacuum cleaner’s dust attachment to clean the blinds


  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in hydrogen peroxide before using it to wipe blind tape and cords to whiten them


  • To clean the rods and cord caps, simply use a magic eraser

Cleaning blinds made of wood, metal or vinyl

1. Cleaning without removing them:

This method is an easy and simple way to clean your blinds with them in their place. You can do this process every once a week to maintain clean blinds in your home. In a bowl, mix in warm water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Slip on a clean, old sock and soak some of the solutions by the sock. Sandwich a slat between two socks covered hands and work your way top to bottom. Repeat the process with all the other slats, making sure to rinse and soak the socks every few slats. Once you soak the socks, remember to wring it to prevent any dripping. Take a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean after all the slats are done.

2. After you remove them:

Before you go any further, do note that this method is not suitable for wooden blinds. Whenever you feel like your blinds need a thorough clean, take them out of their place by pulling the cords all the way through and follow this process. Add half a gallon of white vinegar to 3 inches of water in your tub, and add your blinds. Soak them in the tub for 10 minutes before rinsing away the solution with cold water. Then, hang them over your shower rod and wait for them to dry before putting them back in place.

Cleaning blinds made of Fabric

1. Vacuum:

Out of all the types of blinds made, cleaning the fabric ones prove to be the most challenging of all. This is probably why it has lost popularity over the years. So, first use the dust attachment of your vacuum to clear out as much of the debris out of the fabrics as much as possible. Again, work your way from top to bottom, making sure to cover both sides.

2. Damp cleaning

It is not a good idea to wash your fabric blinds as it may ruin the dye. Instead, after spot testing, dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe away the dirt clinging to the blinds as much as possible. For more stubborn stains, you might add a bit of detergent with water before you dab the cloth damped with plain water.