Every modern home that has blinds always faces the problem of dust or stains. They are caused by the weather and cleaning the blinds on a regular basis is important. Whether you have fabric, wooden or vinyl blinds, they need regular cleaning and touch ups.

  1. Feather duster: if your blinds have thin layers of dust, you can use a feather duster to tackle the loose dust off them on a regular basis. That should keep the dirt build up at bay.
  2. Vacuuming: vacuum your blinds with a brush attachment from side to side or up and down depending on whether you have horizontal or vertical blinds. You can vacuum the blinds closed- one side after the other.
  3. Dry sponges: simply wipe the blinds with a dry sponge to keep them clean. For spot cleaning, spray all purpose cleaner on a dry cloth or sponge and rub the soiled area.
  4. Using a sock or glove: in order to reach the corners of the blinds and other areas that miss cleaning, wear a sock or glove on your palm, apply a mild cleaner on it and run it along the blinds. You can also use a mixture of half vinegar and half water for cleansing purposes. You can also hold each blind in a pinch and run your hand across.
  5. S-shaped hooks for heavy duty cleaning: hang S-shaped hooks on the curtain rod in the shower. Detach the blinds from above and bring them to the bathroom, attach them on the S-shaped hooks. Stream out warm water on the blinds from the shower head and scrub the blinds clean with a sponge and cleaning liquid or a vinegar solution.

Let the blinds drip dry and hang those gleaming blinds back in place! With these easy to implement tips, blinds cleaning will be very easy.