Cleaning the bathtub is equally important as cleaning the sink, floors, and the seat. This is mainly because it is used every day and requires proper cleaning to prevent corrosion and dullness. Copper bathtubs, however, require more attention than the usual ones since they can be pretty expensive giving your bathroom the deluxe and bucolic look from the olden times.


Required components:

  • Gentle soap or detergent
  • Soft fabric like flannel
  • Warm water
  • A set of gloves (optional)

These ingredients are all that you will need to keep your copper bathtub clean and pristine. Though the detergents used will be mild, it is best not to risk harming your skin. Hence, before you start working, make sure that you are wearing gloves to avoid any sort of skin irritation.

The first step includes using a soft cloth to wipe the inner surface of the bathtub with an adequate amount of soap. It is important to smear the lather all around the surface, leaving no spot unattended. Continue rubbing gently till it’s clean and rinse off the bath with warm water. Make sure to wash away any remnant of soap or detergent as it may be harmful to the tub.

Within no time you will have finished the work without having to spend much time or sweat in the process. Unlike stone baths, copper baths can be cleaned easily with no other additional steps.

The Dos And Don’ts

  • Only mild and gentle soaps and detergents can be used to clean copper tubs. Any other cleaners that are corrosive or are used in removing grease are not to be used. Avoid the use of ammonia or acidic cleaners. All these cleaners are usually harsh and it is best to avoid them.
  • When scrubbing, it is recommended to use a soft piece of cloth. Using an abrasive brush or steel wool will scrape away the surface of the tub. Hence, keep away from them while cleaning your copper baths.
  • While having a bath, do not use any elements that might harm the tub. Lemon, for example, should never be used in copper baths. When buying bath bombs, but the ones which are copper-tub friendly.

Mineral Deposits

A lot of areas supply water that is rich in minerals. And it is pretty obvious that this will build up an extra layer of mineral deposits on the surface. In order to get rid of this layer, take the time to dry out the tub after every use.

Waxing can also be a good option to prevent mineral deposits from building up on the surfaces. This will also prevent abrasions and mineral deposits from developing. However, you will observe that lumps of water may have formed on the tub by now. You’ll need to coat another layer of wax once the lumps have disappeared.

Inevitable Scratches

If you have used copper baths before, you are probably aware of the fact that scratches are inevitable when using these luxurious tubs. Even if you try hard enough, you won’t be able to prevent these scratches and you should know that they will eventually blend in since copper changes its form after some time. Hence, try to embrace the scratches in the tub and embrace the rustic effects that it gives away.

Bottom Line

Cleaning the tub regularly after every use will help you to sustain that rural and luxurious look of the tub for a long time. However, if you want to take extra precautions, you can hire professionals once in a month to give it the polish it needs.