Vinyl windows are extremely popular among most of the homeowners as they are very easy to maintain. When it comes to cleaning, they can be easily slid out from their frames. However, they are more likely to suffer from scratches if proper cleaning solutions are not used in the cleaning process. Go through following list of useful tips which will help you to clean vinyl windows of your home in most effective way. 
• Wash windows with the help of soft cloth and mild detergent. Don’t clean vinyl windows with a washer of high pressure. The high pressure of spray may damage the caulking around vinyl doors or windows. 
• Try to avoid using detergents or soaps which contain high amount of organic solvents. Cleaning solutions such as furniture polish, nail polish powder and cleaners with chlorine bleach are extremely harmful for vinyl windows. 
• You can take help of warn soap water for occasional cleaning as they are extremely effective on interior laminates. However, before using this solution, make sure to test the cleaner on some small areas to check its compatibility with laminate surface. 
• Always remember to wash the sashes and frames with long handled bristle brush or soft cloth which is mild on the vinyl windows. 
• Most of the homeowners may try to take help of abrasive cleaners in order to remove dirt from vinyl windows. But excessive use of such abrasive cleanser may damage the glass surface of vinyl windows. 
• Make sure that the window locking system is in proper unlock position. You can raise the window slash at appropriate level and clean the outer surface of window with soft cloth or glass cleaner. 
• You can use decent quantity of dish soap along with water and clean the vinyl windows with soft cloth in circular motion until all the dirt is removed from it. 
Vinyl windows can act as a perfect replacement for conventional windows. They can be easily designed to fit any architectural style and become a perfect home improvement project. With above mentioned simple tips, you can definitely keep your vinyl windows clean and shining for longer duration.