>Wool rugs come with natural elegance and they play important role in enhancing the interior decoration of your home. They contain natural fiber material which requires extra care and special attention from your side while cleaning. There is lot of dirt which is difficult to remove in regular spot cleaning and vacuuming of rugs. Here we have discussed some effective techniques to keep your wool rugs in good condition and extend their life –

• Always use a well cleaned white cloth in order to absorb spill on wool rugs. Avoid colored towels as they can transfer some stains of dyes on rugs while cleaning.
• If significant amount of solid matter has been spilled on the wool rug then you can take help of spoon to remove the stains gently. Avoid scrubbing the stains using any solid object as it may damage delicate fibers in wool rugs. A technique of pressing the clean cloth on wet stains is always effective.
• Cleaning products such as bleach, soda ash and hydrogen peroxide should be avoided to clean the wool rugs. Dry foam cleaning agents can be the best and safest way to deal with stains on wool rugs. These agents don’t have any water compound and they allow rugs to get dry quickly without having any risk of mildew development.
• Avoid using any ‘oxy’ cleaning agents to clean the wool rugs as they may damage the natural texture of your rugs and may shorten their life.
• After successful cleaning, wool rugs need to be dried out quickly so as to remove any excess moisture from them. Avoid putting rugs in dryer. You can always consider hanging them in dry environment under the sunlight.
• Most of the wool rugs are extremely susceptible to the household cleaning products. So before doing any experiment, make sure you read all the cleaning instructions on the labels which come with your wool rugs.

Above mentioned techniques will definitely help you to remove the grime from wool rugs which are difficult to remove using normal cleaning techniques such as vacuuming. These professional tactics will also help you to brighten the wool rug in less time thereby giving it a complete fresh look.