Having dirty blinds does not only ruin the visual aesthetic of your home, it also puts children and pets at risk as they are likely to come in contact with it and might even consume the dirt.

However, with all the chores which practically stack on top of each other, it is difficult to spend too much time on the windows. So, here are some easy ways to save your blinds from looking dirty.

  1. Using Any Cleaning Material

There aren’t many specifications of how cleaning material should be to clean your blinds other than the fact that it should be soft. Using a light hand and a feather duster should do the trick. However, if you are looking for an easier way, then any rag you use to clean will work as well.

  1. For Hard to Reach Areas

As blinds have a lot of crevices it is hard to really get in and clean it properly. To clean it more thoroughly, you can utilize old gloves and socks. While wearing them on your hand, you can simply hold the slat between your fingers and swipe. If you want to take it a step further, you may use Windex or other cleaning solutions.

  1. Use a Paintbrush

For light cleaning, you can always dust the dirt from your blinds by roughly running a paintbrush through the blinds.

  1. Giving them a Bath

Instead of just brushing through them, if they are too dirty it will be a lot easier to wash them down. You can take them down and drown it in water with a healthy amount of your preferred cleaning agent. Brush them a little while they are in the water and then set them out to dry once you are done the cleaning. Make sure to prepare yourself with gloves.

  1. Vacuuming Your Blinds

You can also attach a hose to your vacuum and swipe it across your blinds. This will suck off most of the dirt. However, make sure that the pull chords or anything else get sucked in the vacuum so, secure them properly before turning the vacuum on.

  1. Cleaning the Pull Chords

The easiest way to clean your pull chords is to let them soak. Washing them entirely is quite impossible as they cannot be detached from the blinds. You can pull your blinds all the way up, exposing as much of the chord as possible. Then, place a container of your preferred cleaning agent on a high surface such as a ladder and let the chord soak in the container.

  1. Cleaning Blinds Made of Other Materials

Cleaning blinds which are made of, for example, aluminum require a different type of care. For example, you cannot wash aluminum with bleach or else it will corrode. Furthermore, you can use an eraser to get rid of smudges.

Final Thoughts
In order to really bring out the beauty in your home, the cleanliness of the little things, such as blinds, really do make a huge difference. These simple and fun techniques are sure to leave your blinds spotless.