These heavily used devices are often exposed to much more dirt in comparison to the other items in your house. Not only are they used so often, but most people do not even bother to clean them. Hence, cleaning them once in a while is a must. Otherwise, they might prove to be the reason for health hazards and diseases. For a clean and safe computer for you to use, follow the tips and tricks given below:

  1. Saving your trackpad from grease

You must be aware of this problem if you often try to multitask by eating and using the laptop at the same time. Unless it is something that can be eaten using a fork or spoon, the trackpad becomes a greasy mess. In order to avoid this from happening, paste a paper sticky note on top of the trackpad. The paper will not hinder your use of the trackpad but will keep it safe from sticky and oily fingers.

  1. Crumbs on keyboard

Sometimes we not only have grease on the trackpad but also crumbs and dirt all over the keyboard. In order to clean this, you do not have to poke around. Rather all you will need is a small tape. Take a minor strip and press it on the crumbs and dirt which will then come out of from between the keys easily as they will glue themselves to the tape.

  1. Disinfecting the keyboard and mouse

Apart from visible dirt, there are harmful organisms or germs all over the keyboard. Dampen a cotton ball or cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the keys and the areas in between. This will eliminate all the germs and make everything squeaky clean. You can also use the same trick to clean the mouse.

  1. DIY Compressed Air

Compressed air can be used to clean computer parts like keyboards, other devices as it can reach all nooks and corners. Good news is that you can use empty, clean squeeze bottles with little nozzles to create the same job as the compressed air in bottles. Lemon juice dispensers will probably work better than most but then again, so would mustard, ketchup or siracha sauce bottles.

  1. Sanitizing computer parts

If you want your keyboards and mouse to be decontaminated, you can use hand sanitizers for this. Even though sanitizers are made for hands, they can be used on computer parts. This is because just like computer keyboards and mouse cleaners, sanitizers too contain alcohol which is a major constituent of these special cleaners. So, squirting a little sanitizer on a tissue or cloth and running it over the keyboard and mouse and letting it dry will give you the same effect as using a cleaner.

Wrapping Up

Doing this every once in a while should be enough to keep the germs and dirt at bay. There will virtually be no risk to your health and also the computer or laptop will stay in good condition for a long time.