In most of the kitchens, copper pans are used as important kitchenware while in others they are kept to enhance the look of the kitchen. Cooper is extremely toxic and it can show reaction when exposed to the food items which are cooked in it. When used for the purpose of cooking, there are some important precautions which need to be followed in the cleaning process. Here are some effective techniques to keep your cooper cookware clean in most effective and safer ways –

  • No matter what kind of cooper cookware you are using, it is always recommended to wash it immediately after cooking. Try to stick to least abrasive cleaning techniques in order avoid damage to the items. Though for cooper pans and pots the dishwasher is safe, washing with hand is always preferable. It will prevent the discoloration and scratches which happen to cookware because of dishwasher over the period of time.
  • In order to avoid the reaction between food and cooper, the pans are usually layered with the metal coating of tin or steel. It acts as a strong barrier between food and cooper. So while cleaning cooper items, make sure that this important layer will not get damaged as it will make the copper cookware items completely useless.
  • If you observe that the coating of the copper cookware items has been damaged while cleaning them, then it is advisable to avoid using that pan or pot for the preparation of food.
  • Copper accessories get tarnish over the period of time as they develop a layer of patina when exposed to air. You can get away with this with the help of lacquer and wax finish. Make sure to follow the important instructions given by manufacturers as polishing may damage the copper items.
  • You can use some effective ways to clean cooper by using solutions available in your pantry or fridge. These solutions mainly include Lemon halves, salt, ketchup and many more.

The tips mentioned above are always effective. However it is always recommended to check the guidelines given by manufacturer of specific cooper cookware. If your cookware is covered under warranty then it is wrong to use cleaning product which may void the warranty agreement.