Makeup brushes are expensive items and if you have spent significant amount of money buying quality makeup set then you have to ensure that it will always remain in good condition. There are several cleansers available in the market which will help to accomplish this task but you can take care of your brushes using some common household items. Here we have revealed some most effective tactics which will help you to clean your makeup brushes in affordable way –

  • If you are using shampoo to clean the brushes then wet all the brushes properly before using the shampoo. You can consider cleaning small brushes by combining them all together but always clean longer brushes one at a time.
  • If you can’t afford the expensive brush cleaners available in the market then baby shampoo will definitely do a trick for you.
  • Olive oil is another effective solution which can not only clean smaller makeup brushes but they can also spruce up the bristles. You can consider simply plunging the brushes into olive oil and gently massaging them using sponge to get better results.
  • Always consider rinsing the makeup brush using cold water to remove the small makeup traces and soap residue. Always rinse them from bottom to tip and make sure that you don’t pull out any hairs.
  • Rinse the brushes until you don’t see any visible lather. Try to get into the center of bristles rather than only remain restricted to outside area. During this process, make sure the natural shape of bristles will not change.
  • Use the towel or any other soft clothe to wipe your makeup brushes and reshape the bristles properly after all the cleaning is done.

Most of the beauty experts advice cleaning the makeup brushes weekly but if you are running on a busy schedule then try to clean them at least after every fortnight.