Maintaining a clean and organized home is highly rewarding, but it is normally considered as a frightening task. If not considered on a consistent basis then cleaning your house may become a daunting job. However, if you follow a proper cleaning schedule then achieving a clean & healthy home within few hours is definitely possible. Go through following points to know how you can create a well organized home cleaning schedule.

List out daily tasks –

The first important step in making a proper home cleaning schedule is to list out your everyday tasks. Some tasks which you need to complete on daily basis include – washing the dishes, making the bed and looking after the litter box. It is extremely essential to identify the everyday activities which work well for your house.

Decide the length of your schedule –

Before you start listing out your everyday tasks, you need to decide the exact length of your schedule. Is it going to be weekly or monthly schedule? We highly recommend biweekly schedule because this way you can add tasks which you want to complete on daily as well as weekly basis.

Allocate specific task on specific days –

In case, you think that you are extremely busy on a specific day then don’t schedule any lengthy house cleaning tasks on that particular day. If you wish to take off for single day in a week then it is perfectly fine. Try to manage timings according to your own comfort because those will make more sense.

Compile your own list –

One of the effective ways to compile your cleaning list is by creating tables for each day of the week. For each day, make one column for daily task and make other for tasks specific to assignment of the day. You can change these tables whenever required and it is extremely easy to derive a fresh list each week.

You can make a list of everything which you think that requires cleaning. You can take help of Excel at the beginning to keep things extremely organized. Every individual will have a different list since everyone has different home and cleaning requirements. If you stick to the proper cleaning schedule then there are high chances that your house will remain reasonably clean and healthy.