Every home has a smell to it. Most of us can become nose-blind to smells we live with. Maybe you didn’t discover yours did until a visitor pointed it out to you. That would be embarrassing. There are plenty of products on the market designed to help you mask household smells. You can get incents, sprays, scented candles, wax melts, and even more! Let’s go through a couple tips to help keep every room in your house smelling great.

Clean Living Room

You keep your home clean, learn how to keep your air clean too!


The kitchen is just loaded with opportunities to slowly accumulate unwelcome odors. Let’s knock out some quick tips to avoid this happening in yours!

Empty your trash can regularly. Plastic wraps used to package meat can quickly create strong odors, even from the bottom of the trashcan. Soup cans will as well. If you are someone who lets the garbage pile all the way above the rim, try opting for a smaller trash can it forces you to empty it more often.

A lot of food can get caught up in your kitchen sink drains. Even if you use a dishwasher, little pieces of food find their way down the pipes and can cause odors. Run your disposal as often as you empty your kitchen sink.

Even if you use your dishwasher regularly, it can still grow mold and sometimes pieces of food will get stuck in the trap smell. Try to completely empty out your dishwasher and clean it about once a month.

A dish rag you use around the kitchen is a bastion for strong odors. Make sure you change out your dish rags regularly.

Living Room

The living room will not encounter nearly as many food odors as the kitchen, but it comes with its own unique scents challenges.

Pets. If you allow them on furniture, they are going to leave a scent, and same with your carpets. It’s unavoidable! You can neutralize some of the odor by sprinkling baking soda across the fabrics, then using a cleaning brush to spread it around and work it into the fabric. Then let it sit overnight to work on the odors.

Make sure that before you shampoo carpets and furniture, you neutralize as much of the current odors as possible with baking soda, otherwise you risk having a mixture of the old smell and shampoo. It’s like putting cologne or perfume on right after a workout. It’s just no good!

The fabrics of carpet scrape all sorts of stuff off of your shoes and feet. That stuff all clings and gathers, and over time can slowly create a “funk.” Because of this gradual accumulation, you may be nose-blind and have no idea it’s even happening!


A lot of smelly stuff goes down in the bathroom. In addition to your toilet, other sources of smell can arise from your tub, your floors, and sinks.

To combat smells from your shower, make sure you are regularly treating your shower doors, shower curtains, and shower walls for mildew and buildup. This will dramatically improve overall air quality in the bathroom.

Bathroom rugs pick up scents just like your living room carpets. Make sure you are washing them regularly!

Bathroom sinks and counters collect all sorts of stuff- toothpaste, hairsprays, water. Regularly clear your bathroom sinks and counters and wipe them down well. Especially around your sinks.

Clean your toilet bowl regularly. Or, if you’d prefer just drop a self cleaning tablet in the tank!


You probably never hear that your bedroom stinks. That room is the least accessed and most personal room of your home! But there are things that could be creating odors right under your nose! (get it?)

You probably never thought of this, but when you take off your shoes and wash your feet, your shoes still keep the smell! So while you may smell fresh and clean, foot odors can remain in your shoes and invade your room! You can neutralize this with gold bond spray easily.

No matter how close to shower time you go to sleep, your sheets, pillowcases, and comforter are collecting sweat and odors from your body. This is your most personal scent, and you may be completely unaware of it stinking up your room! Clean your bed and blankets regularly!