A smoky smell in your home can be off-putting for your guests or family members as it produces extremely unpleasant environment to live in, mainly for young children and aged people. When smokes smell sticks to your belongings, furniture or clothes, here are few tactics you can follow to keep the smell away.

  • One of the most important things one has to do is to open all the windows of the rooms in order to facilitate ventilation. It will simply let fresh air to come inside so that smoke smell will diminish.
  • One more effective way to lessen the intensity of smoke smell is by lightning the scented candle in your home. These candles are easily available in the market with variety of perfumes. You can also consider using air-freshener spray to spread the scent faster.
  • In order to remove the smoke smell permanently from your house, you have to eliminate the key source of problems such as smoke dust. Smoke particles can penetrate into the any surface of your home easily. So it is always recommended to get rid of them at first instant.
  • Removing cigarette butts and ash from the ashtrays on frequent basis will definitely prevent them from becoming a source of smoke.
  • You can take help of dry chemical sponge in order to eliminate smoke residue from lampshades, ceiling tiles or any other important appliances in your home.
  • Check your air conditioning filters and furnace on consistent basis. You can consider using odor-reducing filters which can easily control the smoke smell.
  • Mirrors and glass tend to attract large amount of smoke. So wash the glass surface regularly with vinegar and rinse them down with the help of water.
  • Last but not least, Charcoal is one of the highly economical options to eliminate smoke smell from the house. You can either hang them in several pouches or keep them on any fixed surfaces around the home to attract the smoke smell.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to get rid of smoke smell from your home in most effective way.