When it comes to performing laundry, most of the people opt for front load washers because they are more effective than other washers. However, they are not free from the problems and you have to follow some important instructions when cleaning it. Here is an exhaustive guide on how to keep mold residue out of your front load washer –

  • If you want to clean your washer without using commercial solutions then you can take help of Acidic cleaner with few traces of baking soda. You can also take help of soft toothbrush or small brushes to completely wipe out the gooey mold residue.
  • Prefer only High Efficiency (HE) detergents while doing laundry in front load washer. Using other detergents may create suds which will leave lot of residue inside the machine.
  • Remember to check the drain pump of washer and clean it regularly. Most of the front load washers come with a filter in their drain pump which accumulates coins, hair, lint etc. over the period of time. So never allow any debris to get accumulated inside the pump which is one of the biggest contributors to mold residue.
  • Washing clothes in cold water may save significant amount of energy and money but it doesn’t kill all the bacteria thereby leaving lot of residue behind. So remember to run your last load with a hot water to avoid any unnecessary accumulation of mold residue.
  • Don’t forget to run the machine cleaning cycle as recommended by the manufacturer in order to avoid problems related with the mildew and mold.
  • Remember to keep the door of  front load washer open whenever not in use to prevent any mold from build up.
  • Liquid fabric softeners tend to leave lot of residue which eventually contributes to mold in the washer. So always prefer dryer sheets in order to soften the clothes.
  • Most of experts recommend keeping the dispenser drawer out of the machine when not in used. This is because front load machine users report the problem of mold formation in the detergent compartments if they kept wet for longer time.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to get rid of mold residue from your front load washer and make it smelling fresh.