The dead of winter is fast approaching and living in Chicago, it’s nearly impossible to accumulate winter salt on your floors at some point. This is because salt is sprinkled on sidewalks and roads so that the icy surface is melted. This prevents accidents, slips and falls from occurring; for both people and vehicles. But unfortunately, this same life-saving salt can bring stains onto tile floors. The good news is that these stains don’t have to be permanent. Without further ado, here’s how to keep winter salt from staining your floors:

  1. Look for some pure white vinegar from your cupboards. If you don’t have any, pick up a bottle and dampen a soft cloth with it. Pure white vinegar is great as it so effective for dissolving the salt without destroying the tiles or grout.
  2. Clean the entire floor. If there’s more than a few salt stains on your tile floors, fill up a bucket with a gallon of water. Mix in a cup of white vinegar. Dip a mop into the mixture and mop your floors with it. Before you know it, all the salt stains are gone. Allow the area to dry thoroughly.
  3. Pick up salt neutralizers or removers. Some trusted brands are Salt-X and Salt Away. Read the instructions and labels and use accordingly. These products are often used for gear that is consistently exposed to salt water.
  4. Use hydrochloric acid for stubborn/severe stains. Unfortunately some salt stains are simply more difficult to remove than others. For these extreme cases, mix one part hydrochloric acid with 20 parts water. Take note that acid can be damaging to some concrete surfaces so conduct sufficient research beforehand.
  5. Hire a cleaning service. If it’s within your budget, hire a cleaning service to do the job of cleaning your stained floors for you. They are experts and professionals at what they do and they will be able to get the job done in an accelerated manner without ruining anything. Your floors are sure to be spic and span afterwards.