You must be wondering if this is even possible. But let us tell you, it is and we have listed 3 ways with which you can achieve this.

  1. De-cluttering

A room looks messy and unclean whenever it is over-packed and cluttered. This problem is amplified in the case of bathrooms which are relatively small and congested. So, the place is bound to get mouldy and dirty. The more littered the counter will be with products, bottles, etc. the more difficult it will be to keep the place clean and immaculate.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to have a place to keep your tools and products organized. Cupboards or vanities would work just fine. However, you do not need to have separate places that are labelled to store different things right away. Take time to organize them and learn to maintain them.

  1. Placing cleaning tools inside the bathroom

Many people avoid putting cleaning tools inside the bathroom but the goal is to keep them at hand. This will help eliminate whatever kind of dirt you notice inside the bathroom within minutes.

A toilet brush is one of the things that you need to keep near you in all your bathrooms. It is next to impossible to conceal them or to make them look different but they do come in all sizes and forms. Some have their individual containers that make it hard to guess what is inside, serving as a disguise for the brush. You could also buy smaller ones that can be easily hidden behind the toilet.

Your next task is to place a basket of washcloth on the bathroom counter and a cup with washcloths in it near the bathtub. Match the colours of the washcloths with the colour scheme of the bathroom so no will suspect what they are used for. Since you are using these for cleaning purposes, opt for the ones that are rough and cheap.

On the back of every toilet, keep flushable wipes. This is a must for your toilet.

  1. Do the work on time

With all things in place, pick out a day from each week to clean the toilet. Swishing the toilet brush round and about the waterline will be enough if you clean it every week. This practically takes no effort and does not even require the toilet cleaners and vigorous scrubbing. Although, a few spots may need little extra swishing. As for the lid, seat and bowl, take a few wipes from the packet and gently swipe them across the surfaces.

In order to remove water spots and dust near the sink, use the washcloths. The clutter-free counter will allow you to wipe it down in moments without the help of cleaners. You could use a damp towel for this or simply sprinkle water and rub down with a dry one.

Use a washcloth that is slightly damp on one side to clean the mirror. To avoid water stains, wipe it again with the part of the towel that is not damp.

Some Additional Tips

The towels kept near the tub is for when members of your family take a bath or when you notice dirt or stains around the ledges and faucet. Wipe those down while you are bathing and wash off the leftover soap after every bath. The washcloths can also be used to clean the basin if it has not been rinsed properly. When in the shower, take the washcloth and shower cleaner with you inside, once every week. Spray it on all ledges and nooks and corners and wipe quickly with the washcloth.

That’s all you need to do to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Instead of piling up the cleaning work, simply do it on time to avoid putting in a lot of effort later on!