Your bedroom. It’s your sanctuary. Nobody is ever allowed in. It’s not for the public. It’s your retreat. It’s where you go to get rest recharge every night so you can wake up ready to take on another day in the morning. You are a walking battery, and your bedroom is the charger. It could also be where you watch netflix from your bed while eating cookies.

Clean Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Make it as welcoming as possible by keeping it looking clean with these tips!

As you can probably already tell, it is our belief that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Capable of breathing new life into you nightly! So wouldn’t you want your bedroom, your sanctuary, to be one that makes you feel at ease? When your bedroom is a mess it’s really a drag and makes it less welcoming. So we put together some really quick and easy tips to help you get your bedroom and order and keep it looking tidy.

Corral Your Loose Clothes

One of the toughest enemies in the bedroom is loose laundry. That can be clothes you threw on the bed to rummage through for one particular item. Or the pile of clothes you only wore for just a little while and don’t want to wash already. Or just the dirty clothes that seem to end up staying wherever you were standing when you took them off.

Here’s what you do:

Immediately fold and put away clothes after you wash them. Even if you leave them in the hamper, this can turn into a snowballing problem as more laundry gets done and the hamper eventually spills over its edges with clean, but wrinkled laundry.

If you don’t want to wear wrinkled messes, you’ll probably opt for an article of clothing that isn’t wrinkled and the hamper will never be emptied. So the best time to put away your laundry is right after if is finished drying. If you have to fold it while you watch TV, fine. But get it done or else it will pile up in the corners of your bedroom and clutter up the entire atmosphere.

Tidy Up Loose Items in Your Room

Make sure that your bedroom is organized in a way that makes sense with your life.

Make sure your nightstand only has items you need to reach at a moment’s notice, and that they aren’t piled up with junk and things you should have thrown away weeks ago, like old receipts. Everything else goes in the drawers.

Have a dirty clothes basket to store your loose dirty laundry. Remember, loose laundry is burden.

Have a place for all your regular carried accessories.If you have jewelry or your random, regular pocket items strewn about, consider a little lockbox for storage. That way you never have to go looking for your necklaces, watches, wallets, or whatever you usually carry.

Return Your Bedroom to Best Condition Before Bedtime

Clean your bedroom all the way through at least one time. Put all loose articles away. Get your laundry picked up. You’ll find that once you get these two beasts tamed, you’ve taken care of 80% of your mess!

The next thing to do is to keep it clean. That means adhering to your own organizational code. Whenever you spot a loose article of laundry or a stray wallet, reel it back in and put it where it belongs. If you make sure these things are all taken care of before you go to sleep every night, your room will remain tidy and organized and will provide a much more comforting environment as a result.

One last, and almost the most important piece of advice. Always, ALWAYS, make your bed!