Before anything else, it’s important to emphasize that it is essential that the cleaning company you will be hiring be informed that you own a pet. You need to brief the cleaning company and provide them with vital information such as your pet’s name and any special instructions that they need to be aware of. The cleaning company also needs to know where you keep your pet’s leash. It’s helpful to have some treats on hand as well when the cleaning company comes around. Let the cleaning crew know where your pet likes to hang out or hide in the event that it is able to escape. However, it is most ideal to keep your pet in a kennel while the cleaning crew is around for the safety of both parties. Here are some tips on how to make your pets comfortable with a cleaning crew:

  1. Get your pet accustomed to being around strangers. If it isn’t around already, provide additional interaction with strangers for your pet. You can do this by having a few friends come over or by going on frequent visits to the park or to a public area with heavy traffic. This will make your pet comfortable and at ease around people it isn’t familiar with. Give it a reward for each time it shows good behavior around a stranger.
  2. Mimic the behavior of a cleaning crew. You can create a ‘stage’ of sorts for your pet by busting out all of your cleaning supplies and getting your pet used to being in that type of environment. Allow your pet to see that the cleaning supplies do not pose any danger or threat to it. Give it some time to sniff the cleaning supplies but ensure that your pet does not accidentally ingest any of it.
  3. Keep your pet under control. The truth is that there is almost no way to guarantee that your pet will behave itself once the cleaning crew comes around. Having said that, it is ideal to put your pet in a kennel during the service.