It’s that season; warmer weather approaches, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air. Aromas of spring can set a wonderful ambience in the home that encourage positive moods and give the feeling of a fresh, tidy space. There are many ways this can be achieved with and without chemical-heavy fragrances like aerosol sprays or plug ins. If you are looking for an additional subtle solution, this guide is for you. Here, we’ve listed a few ways to freshen up your home, with gentler and even natural alternatives to capturing the scent of spring.


Keep potted flowers indoor

Indoor plants are beneficial in multiple ways but having the delightful scent of flowers is just an added bonus. Keeping plants inside can improve air quality and may have other positive psychological effects as well. Place potted flowers in an area where they can be stored with easy access to sunlight and watering. It is also recommended to keep flowers in an area with a lot of activity such as the living room or kitchen where not only the fragrance, but the colors of your flowers can also be enjoyed. Try spring flowers with a more robust scent such as lavender, gardenia, or orchids.


Place soap bars in closets and dressers

Bars of soap carry potent perfumes that are long lasting especially when stored in an enclosed space. To have your favorite spring scents linger, place soap bars (keeping them in their original individual packaging) in dressers and in closet spaces either underneath clothing and bedding or on shelfs near these items. You can even mix and match soap bars to make your own scent and use as many or as little bars as you want in your space to achieve the strength of perfume you’re comfortable with. After about a day, your clothes and blankets will smell amazing and so will your storage spaces!


Use essential oils and extracts

From getting rid of odor to creating a soothing atmosphere, essential oils and extracts can be used in a variety of ways. Is your garbage disposal always exuding an unpleasant smell that you just can’t seem to shake? Try pouring a few drops of mint and lemon extract or oil down the drain, wait a few seconds to let the drops spread, then slowly pour boiling hot water down the drain afterward to release a fresh scent not just in your sink, but throughout the kitchen. You can also use essential oils to freshen up upholstery and fabric based on what you are trying to accomplish. Simply fill a small spray bottle with water and add several drops of essential oils then shake the bottle gently to mix. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom, try scents like eucalyptus or lavender. If you want to create a lively or happy atmosphere for your living room, try scents like mixed florals or citrus.


A fresh smelling place is something we can all look forward to when coming home. Flowers can make a beautiful center piece and compliment the colors of your house. Spring is about new beginnings and growth, so have fun with the flavors and try mixing different scents to create something entirely new. You, your family, and your guests will all be able to enjoy the aromatic atmosphere you will have created throughout the season.