Space constraints, child-safe storage, optimum space usage et all make storage of spices such a tasking job! Here’s a Pandora’s Box of ideas that can help to set your DIY spirit rolling to set your kitchen space:

1. Use the inside space on cabinet doors to install racks or compartments and store your spices in transparent jars or mini bottles. Easy to look out for and refill, this option comes handy when you have cabinets with a workable depth.

2. Label them spice jars or colour codes them to make identification easier when you store them in a drawer or cabinet where light might not reach easily. Also you can buy compartments that are readily available in the market and place your spices in them in such a way that all similar spices are stored together like all peppers in one, Asian spices in another, Thai spices in the third, sauces and seasonings together elsewhere etc.

3. Create space against your fridge or on the insides of cabinet doors for magnet boards which give you a chance to store your regular spices in magnet-base tins or containers for a chic look in the kitchen. They can also be well hidden from your guests in this way!

4. Use the L-shaped corners of your kitchen cleverly by mounting rotating racks or designing a mini cabinet to store your spices in. This is a great option for homemakers who are looking to optimise their work space in the kitchen.

5. Use old milk bottle trays or racks or crates to store your spices either perpendicular to the floor against a wall or surface that allows you to pull put the required jar of spice without disturbing the rest.

6. The quintessential spice rack pill outs available in modular kitchen classics are another good bet.

Use all your decorative jars or for a more innovative option use tubes or fancy shaped jars to decorate your spice wall up!