In the springtime, the weather finally starts getting a little warmer. Our energy levels begin to get back to normal after the dark and dreary cold winter season. It’s that time of year when many of us start feeling the urge to do some spring cleaning.

But often all our good intentions can seem to fall by the wayside. There can be so many other duties that begin appearing in our schedules. And every one of them is constantly nagging us for our valuable time.

If it seems you’ve only been able to do spring cleaning half-way in previous years, we may have the answer. Here’s our special guide on how you can get this annual event accomplished the right way. With our help, you should still have plenty of time left over this time to face those other unexpected tasks.

Over the Entire House

Start with dusting the crown molding and baseboards of every room. Make sure you don’t miss the corners of your ceilings. Wipe off any scuff marks with a wet cloth. Dust lamps, doorknobs, and disinfect light fixtures and their plates. Dust the ceiling fans and doors so they’re clean and look almost new again.

Take a good look around in every room. Remove anything that doesn’t belong and put it back in the correct location.

Walls and windows

Wash down the walls and use touch-up paint to cover nicks and scratches. Vacuum or wash the window curtains and blinds. Clean the inside and outside of the windows with your favorite glass cleaner.

Dust bookcases and polish the wood furniture. Remove stains from your upholstery and vacuum or wash the lampshades. Deep clean tile, linoleum, carpeted and hardwood flooring. Shampoo carpets or call in a professional.


Remove scatter rugs and shake them outside. Then, vacuum and clean both the floor and the rug when it’s back in place. Continue vacuuming all flooring and make sure you get the edges and corners.

Clean air vents and dust around all wall hangings including picture frames and mirrors. If any light bulbs have gone out, replace them with new bulbs.

Change the air conditioner and furnace filters and replace batteries in any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. Call and schedule a chimney sweep if you used it during the winter. Consider scheduling pest control or termite maintenance if necessary.

The Kitchen

Clean the trash can and spray the inside with disinfectant. Clean the microwave and dishwasher. Organize the refrigerator and freezer, tossing out anything that’s expired or you’re not sure about.

If the freezer has a water filter, replace it. Roll the refrigerator out and vacuum the coils. Clean the oven and the hood vent and change the filter if needed. Clean the stove-top burners and disinfect the garbage disposal.

Clean and then properly organize all your kitchen plastic ware and storage containers. Wipe down the cabinets and drawers too. Straighten plates, bowls and the dishes while tossing out any that are no longer necessary. Deep clean your pots and pans and any bake ware.

Organize the pantry. Toss out anything that’s expired. Sharpen knives and sanitize your cutting boards. Clean and disinfect your small appliances and run a mixture of vinegar and water through the coffee maker. Also, take note if any appliances need repair or replacement.

Clean and disinfect chairs and your pot rack. Check all the herbs and spices. Toss out anything expired or is no longer usable, like garlic powder that’s turned to stone.

Clean under the sink and eliminate unnecessary products you no longer use. Two half-bottles of Windex can be combined into a single sprayer. Polish cabinet doors and use touch-up paint where needed on the walls.

Take stock and set up a regular meal plan for the family. Make a list of what you need to pick up at the grocery store.

The Bathrooms

Clean out and organize cabinets, drawers, and the bathroom closet. Clean mirrors, shower caddy, curtains and liners, the shower door, glass, and frame. Don’t forget to clean the plastic strip at the bottom of the shower door.

Clean makeup brushes and disinfect the toothbrush holders. Refill the soap dish or pump with fresh soap. Disinfect counter tops, polish the faucets, mop and scrub the floors. Pay special attention to grout lines, moldings, and corners.

Scrub and disinfect the toilet, especially around the base. Check under the seat and around hinges to make everything clean and sanitary.

Refill lotion dispensers, wash the drinking cup and wash any hand or guest towels. Empty the trashcan and wash it with the hose outside and let dry.

Wipe down the towel racks, cabinets, and toilet paper holder. Scrape off any rust from the toilet seat screws and tighten the hinges. Clean the shower head, exhaust fan, and polish any wood cabinets.

Caulk around the shower and bathtub if necessary and re-seal any tile and grout areas. Unclog any drains that might be running slowly. Toss expired beauty products you haven’t used for the past year.

Living, Dining, and Family Rooms

Vacuum under the furniture and make sure you use the crevice tool to get in-between the cushions. Use a leather conditioner on any leather furniture.

Dust any wall hangings, pictures, or mirrors. Dust and organize any electronics and accessories and don’t forget to disinfect any remote controls or gaming devices.


Clean out and organize your closet. Switch out the winter clothing with spring and summer wear and consider donating any unneeded items to your favorite charity.

Clean and organize your dresser and the nightstands. Rotate and flip the mattress and clean it properly. Clean under the bed and wash the pillows and bed sheets.

Laundry/Utility Room

Clean the dryer vent, inside the washing machine, and empty the washing machine drain pump. Dust wall corners, floor, and crown molding. Don’t forget to dust underneath and behind the washer and dryer.

These ideas are just a guide to follow to make sure you don’t miss anything while carrying out spring cleaning this year. You’ll thank yourself later. When your home is spic and span, the rest of the year will fall into place much easier.

If our ideas have helped you with this important task, write and let us know. Hopefully, we’ve helped you be more comfortable enjoying the warmer summer season ahead.