Mold is the last thing people think of when they talk about threats to their health in home. However, mold is one of the important causes of unhealthy environment in your house and it should be controlled at the right time. Here we have discussed some effective tips which you can follow to prevent the growth of mold in your home –

  • Mold requires around 24 hours of moisture in order to grow. So make sure to get rid of moisture from all the materials in your house in order to avoid the risk of growing the mold.

  • The temperature of wet surfaces in your home can be reduced by introducing controlled heating. This will let you to control the moisture thereby obstructing the growth of mold.

  • Get rid of your home clutter by arranging all the stuff in proper manner. Keep your home furniture bit away from grilles and vents in order to keep air circulating. During humid days, you can take help of fans to facilitate ventilation.

  • Mold problems usually arise during the time of summer when you start using air conditioner. You can overcome moisture problems by controlling indoor environment of your home by keeping the thermostat level at 78 degree F.

  • Give extra attention to wet areas such as bathrooms which are likely to produce significant amount of moisture.

  • Deal with water leakages in windows, roof and some other areas of your home in order to prevent growth of mold.

  • If you are living in basement then always consider installing dehumidifier there. This is because the cool basement walls and floor may become a source of moisture.

  • If you fail to deal with moisture issues on your own then it is always recommended to seek help from professional consultant and have your entire house check up.

Sometimes mold control becomes an extremely time consuming and costly task. By following above mentioned tactics, you can deal with this task effectively.