Wondering how to keep that shower door clean of hard water stains? Hard water has minerals and other deposits that stay behind on the doors after the water evaporates, causing etching over a period of time. It’s easy to prevent them with these important tips.

  1. Scrubbing it right: Immediately after each bath, it makes best sense to squeegee the hard water stains out. These stains can etch the glass if not cleaned on a regular basis leaving permanent stains. You can use steel wool if the stains are too resistant or if the soap residue buildup has been resting for a while.
  2. Using cook top cleaners: you may find it easier to use an equal part dilution of cook top cleaners and water in a spray bottle on your shower doors once in 2-3 days depending on when you have time for a thorough cleaning spree.
  3. Vinegar: using a dilution of white vinegar again in a spray bottle, on doors with a residue build up or otherwise, for prevention of a build up works for a cost effective measure. You might need to let it sit for a while on the door and then start scrubbing away.
  4. Water repellent liquids: Vehicle window glass cleaners that repel rain can be used indoors as well! Spray a minute quantity on the glass shower doors, use a bath towel or soft scrubber to spread the liquid all over the door and forget about stains for a few days! The water will form droplets and roll off the glass door minimizing your cleaning effort to a once-in-few-days activity.

Mostly, these tips should help you achieve that spot-free look for your shower doors. They are cost effective and easy to use. Happy cleaning!