Hard water contains large quantity of mineral deposits such as calcium and silica. In case water dries, it leaves rigid spots, rings and stains on ceramic or glass surfaces. The real key in removing the rigid stains lies in selecting the perfect cleansing agent. Here we have revealed some effective ways to remove hard water stains using natural as well as chemical cleaners.

  • Abrasive cleaners like comet, baking soda, SOS pads, and steel wools can be used to get rid of hard water stains. These abrasive cleaners are extremely effective on smaller stains. However, old stains will require more than abrasive cleaners to remove them completely.
  • Lemon juice is one of the most effective ways to clean the hard water stains naturally. For doing this, you can simply spray lemon juice on stains and rub them gently to clean the surface. The citric acid can easily cut through the rust and hard water stains left on the glass surface.
  • White colored vinegar is another effective natural cleaning agent which you can use to get rid of hard water stains. You can dilute the vinegar solution with water so that it will not create any harmful effect on ceramic surface.
  • If your glass shower doors are spoiled by the hard water stains then it is essential to use cleansing agent which can easily cut through rigid minerals and soap. While cleaning glass surfaces, you have to make sure that the cleaning agent will not etch or scratch the glass.
  • There are several advanced cleaning agents available in the market which you can purchase from hardware store. However, it is always recommended to use organic household cleaners instead of opting of harsh chemical agents.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to remove any rigid hard water stains from your kitchen or bathroom surfaces even if you haven’t given proper attention to them in last few months.