Formica has been becoming highly famous material for bathroom and kitchen design, as it offers look of expensive marble in affordable cost. Though Formica is considered as a hard counterpart material it get stains over the period of time thereby degrading its glossy appeal. Here is a list of some effective tactics which will help you to remove stains from Formica so as to keep it shining for long period of time.

  • One of the most effective solutions to eliminate stains from Formica can be obtained from mixing vinegar and baking soda. Just allow the solution to soak into Formica surface for several minutes and wipe off everything with the help of clean cloth. This will help to remove the stains without damaging effect which most of the commercial cleaners fail to achieve.
  • No matter what kind of stains you are dealing with, try to avoid bleach for the removal of stains from Formica. Applying bleach to Formica will only worsen the existing stains and damage the color of counterparts.
  • You can clean stains of peroxides and hair dyes with a mixture of water and baking soda. Just apply the paste on stains and leave it for around 15 minutes to remove the stain. Wipe everything with wet rag and you will be surprised to see the Formica without any traces of stains.
  • You can also consider using denatured alcohol in order to remove the stains from Formica. Just apply a denatured alcohol on the stain and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse the stain with wet rag and you will get glittering Formica in no time.
  • Try to avoid using detergents, abrasive cleaners and powder as they may damage the surface of Formica. Be careful while using solvents in joints as they may pierce into the surface and damage the bond between the wood underlayment and laminate.

Formica is perfect material to enhance the look of any sophisticate kitchen. Just give it similar level of treatment which you give to the real marble and it will show you dazzling appeal for long time.