Leaked toilets are one the important reasons of water wastage in your home. If your toilet has a heavy leakage then a faint noise of tank regularly replenishing will give you a hint of toilet leakage. But if your toilet has a small leakage then several gallons of water will be silently wasted every day. Here we have revealed the most effective techniques to spot a leakage in your toilet before it creates any significant amount of damage.

  • Remove the lid of your toilet tank. Add food coloring or a dye tablet into the toilet tank. Place the lid back again. Don’t flush and wait for more than 15 minutes. If you see colored water in the bowl then your toilet has a leak. You can also use this method to detect the leakage between bowl and toilet tank.
  • Damaged flapper is one more reason behind the leaking toilet. Flapper is nothing but a rubber valve placed at the tank’s bottom which is lifted up when you flush the toilet. In case, the flapper is cracked, it lets water to flow from tank into bowl of toilet without doing flushing.
  • Problem in flush handle may result in water leakage from toilet. Sometimes the chain and flush level bar stick to each other which create problems in flushing. You can do some adjustments with the nut in toilet tank to keep the flush handle working without any troubles.
  • Most of the times, the water level goes so high in the toilet tank that it spills into the overflow tubes. The water level in the toilet tank can be kept at right level by doing some subtle adjustments with the screw in toilet tank.
  • Sometimes you may have to check the pipe connection at the back of shut-off valve. If water is seeping from it then the time has come to replace it.

Though toilet leaks are easy to deal with but detecting them is a most challenging task you may have to deal with. Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to spot a leaking toilet before it actually gets damage and incur you significant amount of loss.