The holiday season is right around the corner and with it comes visitors. It’s time to start preparation for stayover guests in your home or rental property. There’s plenty of ways to give extra guest space a polished feel on a budget, but here we’ll list ways to do it without spending a dime! These ideas allow you to spruce up your space using your own items to give your guests a clean and welcoming stay. 


A little essential oil goes a long way 

One way to freshen up rooms is to use essential oils with clean and crisp aromas. Think eucalyptus, lavender, or even mint variants. If you don’t have essential oils, raid your pantry for extracts of similar clean scents, such as lemon. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and toss them into the wastebins to keep them smelling fresh. Mix oils in a spray bottle with water to naturally deodorize any room, carpet, or rug and freshen up linens and upholstery.


Clean small details for a big impact 

Sometimes the best thing you can do to spruce up a space is to clean the small things we forget about. Wipe down floor baseboards and wall moulding. You’d be surprised how much dust gathers in the crevices. Gently scrub dark stains off of light-colored walls using a magic eraser or nonabrasive towel. Check for grime build up around light switches and clean with an old toothbrush without water. Use microfiber cloths to dust wall art and other small details. All of these things subconsciously worsen the look of a room. Simply cleaning items that add design and character to your space will bring out its aesthetics while making it feel new again.


Opt into rolling towels instead of folding 

If you keep a lot of towels around, it can start to look cramped and cumbersome in dressers or on shelves. One way to clean out towel areas without getting rid of anything is to simply roll instead of fold. Rolling towels into cylinders will also give you more space so that everything isn’t crammed tight. This can be unsightly. Try to keep towels separated in areas by size. If you don’t have the room to separate everything, then stack towel rolls from largest on the bottom to smallest at the top.


Add a luxurious touch with a pixie toilet paper stamp 

This last idea will add a polished detail to your bathroom to impress guests. Pixie toilet paper stamps are typically found in luxury hotels. It’s made by taking the first loose square or two and folding them into a triangle to look like the flap of an envelope. Hotels then take a water stamp with their logo and press them into the triangle corner to keep the envelope fold in place. You can mimic a pixie stamp into toilet paper the same way without a stamp by using your faucet. Just make the same triangle fold and press the triangle tip into a damp (not dripping) faucet. The circular pattern of your faucet will create a perfect circular stamp design! Let toilet paper dry completely before guests arrive.


The most important thing to do when trying to refresh a guest space without spending money is to think outside the box and be resourceful. You can spruce up and revitalize a space without buying all the fancy products.  A lot of frugal cleaning ideas can be created with things right from your own home. Remember to do your research before throwing out old and buying new. It could just save you some money!