Bathroom fans play extremely important role in removing bad odors and moisture from the bathroom, thereby obstructing the growth of mildew and mold. Sometimes you may want to upgrade your bathroom fan without creating any damage to the bathroom ceiling. Here we have highlighted some important steps on how to change your bathroom fan without tearing up the ceiling.

  • If you want to replace an old bathroom fan with the new one then it is always recommended to place the fan in similar spot unless you have some valid reason for placing it in different location.
  • The most important step in upgrading your bathroom fan is to remove the grille. In case your old bathroom fan is dead then don’t bother to remove the entire unit. You can have a replacement motor without any need of cutting into the bathroom ceiling.
  • While removing the grille, put on safety goggles, respirator and pair of gloves. You may be surprised when you see the amount of debris and dirt which fall out when you remove the old fan.
  • Don’t forget to unplug the motor carefully and disconnect all the cables. After installation of the fan, you may have to insert the cable through connector of new fan and secure it with cable clamp.
  • If your new bathroom fan is smaller in size than the earlier one then you may consider caulking the edges of unit to fill the excessive gaps once the new fan is being installed.
  • If you have decided to replace the old duct pipe with the bigger one then you may need to install a bigger vent cap on the roof.
  • Upgrading a bathroom fan is an easy project to finish with basic electrical and carpentry skills. So before making a start, it is always a nice idea to keep all the necessary tools and equipments at your hand.

The tips mentioned above will definitely help you to change your old bathroom fan with the new one without wasting much time and money.