You would think that vacuuming is the one task that you would think everyone should be able to do without a hitch, right? Wrong. Turns out, most people, if not all, do not know how to vacuum the proper way. Vacuuming, as it turns out, is more than just merely going back and forth with your machine.

How to vacuum properly:

Do not fret though. Follow these steps below on a regular basis by adapting it into your cleaning regiment and you should be golden.

Step 1: Dust first

Due to the HEPA filters which are now integrated into your vacuums, there is no longer a need to dust after vacuuming. Instead, give your curtains a shake to loosen all dust and also wipe away dust from your furniture and table tops.

Step 2: Prep the area

Prepare the area you are getting ready to vacuum by removing any toys or objects lying around. Clear all surface area, and even move small furniture so that you can get the space underneath it. Every couple of months, during heavy cleaning season you can also move around the bigger furniture pieces to clean the area underneath.

Step 3: Check your vacuum

This is an important step that will determine the performance of your vacuum for that particular cleaning session. Check your vacuum’s brush and dust bucket. Make sure that the bags are empty and the brush or suction cup doesn’t have any hair or debris lodged into it. Having this all cleared out will indefinitely make your vacuum work better, even more so if you if you clean your vacuum first!

Step 4: Tackle the edges first

Use the crevice attachment to butt up against wall bases and clean the edges of the walls and other unmovable furniture. Continue to do this every twice a week for outstanding results.

Step 5: Under furniture

Once you have conquered the edges of the room, switch back to the floor attachment and move on to under raised furniture like bookshelves, coffee tables, and sofas. Do this every once in a month, that way too much dust will not be accumulated.

Step 6: Adjust to the right height

There are some vacuums that will allow you to adjust to the right floor. Check to see if your vacuum has that option or not, and adjust accordingly to suit the surface type so that you can properly carry out the task.

Step 7: Vacuum in two directions

Upon closer inspection, you will come to notice that the fibers in your carpet have dirt clinging to them from all directions. Hence, vacuuming from one side does not work. To completely clean your carpet, you should first vacuum the whole area starting from one direction (e.g. Left to right), then go over it a second time at a 90 degree angle. In common spaces where traffic is high, maybe repeat this process twice to make a significant change.

Step 8: Take your time

Yes, you might argue that the vacuum brush spin very fast, meaning it should get the job done faster, right? While the brush does rotate fast, it needs some time to get dust and other grime off whatever surface you are working on. Therefore, take your time and vacuum slowly so that the hair and dust gets a chance to be cleared off, also making sure that one stroke overlaps another stroke by the vacuum to avoid any lines.

Follow this on a weekly and monthly basis to cut down a lot of costs. While it might seem a bit of work, do remember that it is the most cost effective. Repairing floors or even treating carpets can prove to be very expensive and not worth the hassle most of the time.