Having invested your hard earned money into your electric blanket, you probably do not want to risk ruining them by giving them a wash. Having said that, you can only endure the uncleanliness and foul smell of the blankets for so long.

It is no doubt that you are still being a bit skeptical, and let’s be honest, a bit apprehensive as you go through this article. But, stating the obvious, just chucking it in the washing machine with some detergent and wishing for a miracle to happen is not the solution. You might be surprised to know that, having it dry washed is also not the answer. As stated by the Electric Blanket Institute, dry washing your electric blankets may cause more harm than simply washing them in the washer.

So, what is the most effective way then, you ask? Well, listed below is a simple and easy way to effectively wash your blankets the right way.

Cleaning your electric blankets

  1. Switch everything off. Make sure you unplug all the wires from the blanket and switch everything off.
  2. Give it a good and thorough shake. Do not be afraid to follow through this part. Take your blanket outside and give it a thorough shake. This will help ease up the process a lot more since the actual washing and drying process will be for a very short period of time. If there are any stains, now is the time to remove it.
  3. Wash according to the methods that suit your situation the best:

Top-Loading washers: Fill up your machine with cold water and add some laundry detergent soap. After setting the machine to the gentlest cycle, soak your blanket in the tub and leave it for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Follow that up with a quick rinse, and take your blanket out as soon as the full cycle is completed.

Front-loading washers: Similar to the one above, you want to set your machine to the lowest cycle possible with cold water and add a slight amount of laundry detergent. Again, put the blanket it and allow for it to be washed for about 2 to 3 minutes. Follow that up with the rinsing, and you want to take it out as soon as the duration of the rinse and spin is finished.

NOTE: Do not use any fabric softener or bleach!

  1. It is time to dry the blanket. You want both the washing and drying to be as gentle as possible on your blanket. This is so that any of the wiring inside doesn’t get messed up as you try to clean it.

So, put the now washed blanket in the dryer for only 5 minutes and no more. Make sure you set it at the lowest setting your machine allows for. It is best to not use the drying machine to completely dry the blanket as exposure to too much heat may shrink or damage the internal wiring.

After the machine has done its’ job, it is now your turn to get a workout. Place the blanket down on a flat surface and slowly pull it from all sides gently until it goes back to its original position. You can put your bed sheet underneath or over as a size reference if needed.

Once, it is back to its original size, lay it on a hanging rack or a clothesline for a few hours to let it dry out completely. You can also leave it overnight if you find that necessary.

  1. Check twice before replacing it. Take your time to carefully examine and feel for any areas that still need to be dried with your hands. Understand that this step is extremely crucial to follow through before you finally plug your electric blanket back in. Do not let slide even the smallest damp areas. Leave it for another few hours for good measure if you have any doubts.

Finally, lay your blankets on your bed and plug all the cords in.

Helpful tip: When you are about to put away your blanket for the off-season, carefully unplug your wires and fold it neatly. Carefully place it inside a durable plastic container and store it in a dry place, above the floor to have it fresh and ready to go for the colder months.