Does your pantry look like a complete and utter mess? If so, let this New Year be the time for you to change your ways. Accumulating unnecessary items is never a good thing as it breeds the habit of storing things that you don’t need. It makes for clutter. If you find that your pantry matches this description, don’t fret as all hope is not lost. In this blog entry, we offer you solutions to help you purge that pantry in a breeze. Here goes:

  1. Peruse expiration dates. One good way to get rid of items that are no longer useful in your pantry is by throwing out anything that’s past its expiration date. This will not only help to clear the mess, it also keeps you and your loved ones safe from stale food. That said, make it a habit to check expiration dates regularly.
  2. Provide a lazy Susan for all the sticky and spill-able products. These include honey, peanut butter, mustard, ketchup, oil, jam, etc. This is a good idea as you can pull out the lazy Susan at any time. This makes for a simplified and accelerated cleaning process.
  3. Put in some containers. In order to keep everything organized, you can place containers in your pantry for each food type. For instance, after-school snacks can go together. You can also group food items according to type such as cookies, chips, rolls, etc. This does not only keep your pantry tidy and neat, it also makes it easier for you and your family to locate what you need at any time.
  4. Give away the stuff that nobody wants. If you notice that there are certain food items that are sitting in your pantry that have been there for quite some time and they aren’t expired yet, why not give them away to people who will actually appreciate them? This is a better alternative than throwing them out or waiting till it expires and letting the food go to waste.

Follow these tips consistently and your pantry is sure to stay purged!