images (1)It’s important to keep your computer clean in order to avoid dust, dirt and grime from accumulating and threatening the functionality of your computer. But it’s important to go about the cleaning process in a safe manner in order to avoid compromising or breaking it in any way. Keeping your computer clean also allows it to stay cool and steer clear from overheating because its fans are debris free. Overheating is the number one cause of computer breakage. Having said that, here are a few useful to keep in mind as you clean your computer:

  1. Turn off your computer. Take some cleaning solution, spray it onto a cloth, and wipe gently over the keyboard. Take care not to drench your keyboard in cleaning fluid as this will break it. In order to get to the very bottom of the keys, spray compressed air between the keys.
  2. Wipe down the monitor with cleaning solution. Use a microfiber cloth so that you’re able to get rid of fingerprints and other marks thoroughly. Use a cleaning solution that is made specifically for computer stains and the like to avoid ruining the screen. Turn off the computer while doing this so that you’re able to see all stains and marks clearly. LCD laptops can be cleaned with a simple lint-free cloth and plain water. If your monitor is glass CRT, you can use any household glass cleaning solution. Never use alcohol or anything that is ammonia based as this will cause damage to the anti-glare coating on the monitor. Clean the monitor on a weekly basis.
  3. Don’t forget the mouse. Disconnect the mouse from your computer. Take a paper towel, dip it in rubbing alcohol, and rub your mouse from top to bottom. Be sure to get rid of all the marks and stains that you see. If there are any stubborn grime, use your fingernails to get rid of them. For an optical mouse, ensure that there is no lint or debris obscuring the light-emitting lens underneath the mouse.

Clean your computer on a regular basis to keep it in tip-top shape!