Have you been always struggling with folding your laundry? Are your cupboards and drawers always stuffed with unfolded clothes? Then here are some useful laundry folding tips which will make your job easy.

  • Letting clothes to sit after completing drying cycle will create wrinkles on them. So try to take clothes out from the dryer as early as you can. Even most perfect laundry folding techniques will not able to remove wrinkles. So fold the clothes immediately after they get dry to avoid further trouble.
  • By folding the similar types of clothes in several batches will help you to get proper rhythm so as to make the folding process easier and faster. This will also help you to keep your clothes in most organized way.
  • Leave thick clothes such as socks and sweaters for last time and fold the items first which are susceptible to wrinkles. Folding delicate clothes before they get any wrinkles will remove the necessity of ironing them frequently.
  • While folding the clothes, always keep in mind the area where they will be stored like drawer or dresser. If the store is shallow then fold clothes in more square shape. If your drawers are deep then fold clothes in rectangle shape.
  • Some items such as dresses and sweaters may consume significant portion of your dresser space. So hanging such clothes will not only help to reduce the time you require to fold them but also give space for other items.
  • Prefer to work on surface where you don’t have to bend every time. This will make the overall process less troublesome on your joints and back.
  • You can play a soft music while folding your laundry. This is because entertainment can definitely make even the most tedious task of folding laundry extremely interesting.

By planning ahead, keeping things well organized and adding some entertainment, you can definitely make a task of laundry folding much easier.