Lawns, one of the high maintenance beauties of a house. They are one of the most troublesome maintaining tasks especially in spring when the lawns all over are full with dead leaves and other debris. Keeping it clean is a hectic job but well rewarding. A neat lawn always gives a striking impression of the overall home.

  1. To start with, you will need basic equipment’s like Gloves, Rakes, leaf blower (if available), water hose etc. Safety is a major concern because rarely you actually know what you’re dealing with. Choose a clear sunny day to fight your battle, and preferably be enough motivated to complete the task without fail.
  2. Get rid of the larger stuff, like leaves, twigs, stones etc. This is almost half the battle won, because their disposal can be a nuisance. You could consider composting the dead plantation in your backyard. If not, the garbage will have to be disposed of safely which could take time and effort. Many towns have lawn cleanup facilities that pick up your waste from your residence or from a local common area. It is important to use gloves and other safety equipment in this task because often tiny animals find shelter in these fallen leaves and twigs.
  3. After cleaning the big stuff, start focusing on the smaller ones, like litter, weeds, undesirable waste materials and start cleaning them out. These things greatly affect the grass on your lawn and have to be kept under check at regular intervals. You can use dog repellants to prevent other canines littering on your lawn, similarly use natural remedies to fight off against weed and other insects living under the area. Also it’s a good idea to fence your lawns and keep out people throwing waste into it.
  4. After cleaning up all the undesirable items, you could start with trimming the overgrown grass and plants, shaping the shrubs, giving it a decent look. Chopping off outward grown branches is a good idea.

This might take an entire day of yours but at the end of it, the striking lawn will be well worth the effort.