While none of us wants to admit, the truth is that we all have those objects that we have harboured in our homes that are simply collecting dust. This has led to closets that are cluttered and essentially useless. Whether it’s old yearbooks, school books, Christmas gifts that have never been used, shoes that have outgrown their owners or their generations, there’s no limit to what can be found in our closets. This isn’t a good habit for several reasons. One, the space can be utilized in other ways. Two, it breeds the habit of a hoarder and you don’t want to go there. So, here’s how to let those ‘treasures’ go:

  1. Take a long, good look at your closet and see what needs to go. Do you have clothes that you haven’t used in months or years? Many expert home/closet organizers recommend that you give yourself a monthly barometer of how long before you give away a certain piece of clothing. For instance, if you haven’t used a certain shirt in three months, then maybe it’s better off given away or tossed out in the garbage. This will make your closet less cramped and unsightly.
  2. Throw out all the clutter. No matter how much you deny it, it’s simply impossible for you not to have any clutter in your closet. These can range from old gadgets to toys to pillows to clothes to bags and every other object under the sun. If it’s collecting dust and you’re absolutely certain that you’ll have no use for it in the near future, then it’s probably better off in the garbage can.
  3. Organize a garage sale. If the only reason you don’t want to empty out your closet is that you’re afraid to give up something that might be of potential worth and value, there’s a compromise to this. Organize a garage sale and invite everybody that you know to come by. This way, you’re able to clear out your closet and make some extra money in the process. After all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.