Coca cola being a very favoured cold beverage is found practically all across the world. It is widely used and promoted as one of the popular beverage brand. Did you know that you could keep your house clean and get other chores done using Coca-cola? Here’s how…

  1. Removes Rust from surfaces: Be it a metal, chrome, silver of copper surface or article, pouring Coca-cola on the said surface or immersing that object in the beverage for a while, quickly loosens and dissolves the rust or dirt on it and makes them polished, shiny and good as new. You may need an old rag to clean or scrub the rust away.
  2. Treats bug bites: Coca-cola poured over a bee sting, a jellyfish sting or even a bug bite, can act as a pain reliever as it neutralises the venom or saliva causing the pain.
  3. Cleans windows: If you are looking for an everyday cleaner to keep your windows shiny clean and spot free, use a rag-cloth dipped in the beverage to clean the glass windowpanes and then polish them off with some water and a newspaper to ensure no residue of the sugar in the beverage stays back.
  4. Cleans the kitchen countertop or garage: Use your favourite beverage when you aren’t drinking it to swab the floors of your home or garage (diluted with water) or pour it on the countertop to treat those greasy oily stains.
  5. Removes chewing gum off surfaces: Pour the beverage on the gum where it has stuck to the surface (clothes, hair sofa, you name it) and then scrape off the gum after a while with a blunt knife to watch it fall off.
  6. Removes stains off clothes: Mixing a can of coke with the regular detergent works wonders on gravy, oil, blood and grease stains on clothes.

These are great reasons why you need to have a few cans of Coca-cola stacked in your fridge over and above drinking purposes. When you aren’t drinking the beverage, you can use it get most of your cleaning chores done in the blink of an eye.