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Now that spring has arrived, we can get ready for allergies to start sprouting up left and right. If you aren’t a fan of commercial scents or you simply prefer to take the natural route when it comes to air freshener solutions, you have come to the right place. Crack your windows open as it’s time to let that stuffy winter air out. Here is a list of some of the most unlikely yet effective natural air freshener solutions out there:

  1. Vodka. That’s right: vodka. Ethyl vodka is an ingredient that is found in vodka and other types of spirits. It is also a common ingredient in numerous commercial air fresheners. What many people don’t know is that using vodka to clean the air is highly effective for eliminating musty odours without causing the air to be saturated with added chemicals. Vodka is also odour free once it dries. With this in mind, stick some of it into a spray bottle and add 20 to 30 drops of your preferred essential oil if you wish.
  2. Cat Litter. If you have a basement that is unbelievably musty or a closet that is super smelly, don’t fret. Cat litter can save the day. Jonny Cat is a brand that many professional house cleaners swear by as it contains a powerful ingredient called diatomaceous earth that is useful for absorbing odours and killing pests that come into contact with it.
  3. Coffee Grounds. This is about as natural as natural gets. As odd as it may seem, coffee grounds are excellent for removing odours that commonly come hand in hand with winter mustiness. You can go with either fresh or used coffee grounds, but if you choose the latter, it’s ideal to allow them to dry out first. You can put the coffee beans in a bowl and leave them in the place that needs airing out. You can also opt to place them in an old stocking and hang them in a shelf or closet. To save a penny or two, you can approach your Starbucks or local coffee and inquire about their used coffee grounds.