The bane for every homeowner, ‘molds’ normally appear in dark and dump areas which may spread quickly in other part of your home. Fortunately, there are different cleaning substances available which one can use to clean these molds. However, some of these substances might be harsh on the walls and you have to be extra careful while using them. Here we have discussed some non-toxic ways to clean the molds in your home.

  • For mold cleaning, always prefer green solutions which don’t have any traces of ammonia, triclocarbon, chlorine and triclosan. Remember to check ‘chorine-free’, ‘petroleum-free’ and phosphate-free on the label of bottle while purchasing any cleaning solution.
  • Vinegar is considered as a mild acid which is capable of killing any amount of mild species. You can also use baking soda along with vinegar in order to kill black molds in your home.
  • The bleach of hydrogen-peroxide is also considered as a non-toxic and green solution. You can use it instead of chlorine bleach. This cleaning solution can easily kill molds, eliminate stains from all the counters and sanitizes them in quick instant.
  • Using tea tree oil is one of the most effective ways to clean molds and mildews from your home. Tea tree oil is also known for its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties and they are extremely efficient on molds.
  • Grapefruit seed extract is one non-toxic and natural solution to deal with molds in your home. It has similar properties to tea tree oil which can be used as a black mold removal tool.
  • The mixture of borax and vinegar is also considered as a natural mold killing solution as they don’t emit any harmful gases or fumes into the air. Besides this, when combined these natural substances don’t create any reaction and they are not harsh on any walls or home appliances.

Skin irritation is one of the common problems faced by people while dealing with molds. So no matter what cleaning solution you are using to clean molds in your house, always remember to wear hand gloves.