swiming pool cleaning

Keeping your pool dazzling clean doesn’t need to be as tedious task as you think. Every pool is different, so their cleaning and maintenance needs vary according to the size and type. However, all the pools have one similarity and real secret to their freshness lies in their routine and regular care. Here are some important things you need to know in order to make sure that your pool will remain in proper condition for many years.

Vacuum the pool regularly:

Your pool must be vacuumed on weekly basis in order to keep the pool water healthy and maintain the right proportion of chemicals you want to add in the pool. Make sure to clean the pool filter every time you proceed for the vacuuming process.

Protect the pool from debris:

Try to avoid leaves and similar objects to fall in the pool. Always keep animals, vegetations and fertilizes away from the pool. Waste from animals and nitrates in bird dropping acts as a food for algae. Besides this, the accumulation of debris in your pool means there are high chances of pool becoming murky and unhealthy.

Clean the pool filters regularly:

Cleaning your pool filters is extremely important task, especially after incidents such as heavy storm. As you spend significant amount of money on the chemicals in order to keep the pool water clean, try to spend some time on maintenance of the pool filters. While cleaning the filters, soak them in a dilute muriatic acid or Trisodium Phosphate solution.

Search and repair water leaks:

Most of the times, it becomes extremely difficult to determine whether low water levels in your pool are due to leak or evaporation. It is very easy to determine the leaks in the pool by performing few simple tests.

Maintain proper PH level in the pool:

Pool water must be tested on regular basis in order to keep it healthy and clean. A PH level between 7.1 – 7.8 is always considered as an ideal and safe for any pool.

So next time, before diving into the blue water of your pool, make sure you have taken all above necessary steps to enhance its crystal clear look.