In honor of the autumn season, this year we’ve decided to share a list of a few favorite fall and pumpkin-themed cleaning tips. You read that correctly—pumpkin-themed cleaning! From refreshing your home to removing tough stains, there’s a tip that’s on theme with the season here for everyone. In this post we’ll share a handful of ways to tackle stubborn seasonal messes in one go as well as ways to clean with fresh autumn scents! 


How to remove different pumpkin stains with ease 


Pumpkin pie on carpet  

Remove as much pie from carpeting as possible with a spoon edge or by carefully vacuuming the spot by placing the vacuum’s tube attachment directly over the stained area (if the stain is small enough). Make a solution of 1 tablespoon to 2 cups of warm water completely mixed and using a sponge, blot the stain with the solution until soaked. If you have white carpet add baking soda after soaking the area and blot again with a sponge, let the solution sit for a few minutes, rinse with a warm wet cloth, and dry carpet with a vacuum or by air drying.  

Pumpkin stains on white countertops  

For laminate countertops, make a paste from a mix of baking soda and water. Prepare a generous amount for deep or large stains. Spread the paste of the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe the paste off with an old towel or sponge, so as not to scratch the laminate, and wipe the counter once more with a damp cloth to remove any remaining solution.  

For granite countertops, make a paste from a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Spread the paste over the stained area and cover with plastic overnight. In the morning the paste will have hardened and you can use a spatula or any other soft scraper to remove the hard solution. This method will remove the toughest of stains.  

Pumpkin spice coffee stains on clothes 

Okay, this tip is pretty much the same as removing a regular coffee stain but in the spirit of fall, let’s say it’s pumpkin spice specific. If it’s a fresh stain, quickly soak the area with cold water and do not apply pressure into the coffee stain. Wash clothes immediately after. For old stains you can make a small bath of a cup of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap and soak clothes. After 15-20 minutes the stain should come out after throwing soaked clothes into the wash.  


How to create fall-themed cleaners without harsh chemicals  


Cinnamon Sink Scrub 

Mix in a bowl ¾ cup of baking soda, 5 tablespoons of salt, and 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon (depending on your preference of aroma strength). Store the mixture in a mason jar or another cylinder shaped container to easily sprinkle into your sink when needed. Scrub your sink with the mixture with the abrasive side of a wet sponge and rinse.  

Pumpkin spice cleaning spray 

You’ll need a spray bottle, a funnel, 2 cups of boiled or distilled water, a teaspoon of unscented dish soap, a teaspoon of baking soda, and teaspoon of pumpkin spice essential oil. Add the baking soda first, then the water. Swirl the bottle until the baking soda is completely dissolved and add the soap and essential oil. Swirl again to mix and there you have it! You can use this spray to clean countertops, tubs, and flooring. Just make sure to test a small amount first before cleaning large areas. 

Hard water stain remover with apple cider vinegar 

Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in a pot and heat until hot but not boiling. Using an old rag, submerge it until completely soaked and squeeze some of the liquid back into pot to use later. Take the very damp cloth and place it over areas with hard water spots such as glass cookware, faucets, or stainless steel pots. The heated vinegar will break down the spot minerals. After about an hour you can wipe the item down and even the hardest water spots should be removed!  


How to naturally freshen up your home with fall scents  


Apple pie simmer pot 

You’ll need a pot, cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange rinds, whole cloves and faucet water. Fill the pot with water halfway or a little more and boil. Once the water is boiling turn down the heat to a simmer and add your ingredients. The amount of each ingredient will depend on how big your pot is and how strong you want the aroma. Just experiment until you’ve created the scent you desire and have fun with it! The aroma you’ll create will eliminate any odor and refresh the air in your home. 

Cinnamon orange room spray 

Get yourself a travel sized spray bottle with water and a bottle of any cinnamon variant essential oil and orange variant essential oils. There are so many options from sweet orange to cinnamon bark, and more. Fill the bottle ¾ with faucet water and add 50 drops of orange and 20 drops of cinnamon. Swirl to mix and spray any room as needed. This tip is especially great for removing musty odors from upholstery. 

Holiday forest scented toilet bombs 

For this you’ll need any pine variant essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, any cinnamon variant essential oil, baking soda, citric acid, water, and an ice tray. Mix the ingredients together and pack the mixture into the ice tray slots, allowing them to dry overnight. The next day you’ll have hardened toilet bombs that will freshen toilets and remove stains. Drop 1-2 bomb in the toilet bowl and wait until it fizzes until completely dissolves. Scrub the toilet bowl with a brush and let sit for 5 minutes before flushing. 


If you can’t get enough of the season, you can use these ideas all year round to keep the scent of autumn in your home. You can even use some of these ideas to keep on trend for the upcoming holidays by keeping the recipes the same while changing the scent or essential oil to winter-themed aromas. We hope you’re excited to try any number of these cleaning tips out and we hope you “fall” in love with the results. Happy Fall!