Essential oils are one of the most valuable offerings from plants as they are extremely useful for wellness of your entire body. Found in stems, flowers, seeds and roots, they are blessed with the natural aromatic properties. Essential oils are perfect remedy to deal with flu or cold and it is totally up to you on how to use them. Most of the essential oils are added to your body lotions or moisturizers, while some of them are directly applied to your body.

• Essential oils are well known for their anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects on human body. Diffusion method is the most well known method to enjoy maximum benefits out of essential oils. Only by breathing their essence, they can influence our emotions by directly impacting olfactory system.
• Your body demands different levels of nutritional support at different stages. Essential oils play important role in keeping you healthy by infusing nutrition at different stages of your life.
• If you want to boost your immune system then opt for thyme oil. It has strong antiseptic properties and it can give you relief from sports injuries such as strains and pains. Some powerful essential oils such as peppermint are extremely beneficial for your respiratory system.
• You can consider adding essential oil such as ginger to your tea to deal with digestion problems during winter season. Lemon essential oil comes with the anti-viral, disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Apart from its disinfectant benefits it is known for creating protective influences on human cells.
• Eucalyptus plays important role in dealing with inflammation in your lungs. This essential oil possesses strong antiseptic properties and it is mostly found in ointments and cough drops.
• Essential oils are also effective in dealing with the problems of seasonal imbalances which mainly arise due to change in seasons or if you are involved in lot of traveling. Most of the potent essential oils are also used in aromatherapy which leads you to the path of physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

After going through above mentioned tips you will definitely realize how essential oils can add wellness in your life in natural way.