Stylish ways to hide unsightly electronics cables

The problem with tripping over electronics cables is two-fold: on the one hand someone is getting hurt; on the other hand, expensive equipment repair or replacement costs are likely to hurt your wallet. Then, for the aesthetes out there, there’s the dilemma of unsightly cables lying all over the place, which you can’t do anything about unless you rewire everything, and are prepared to cope with an earful of complaints.

Or can you? While electronics manufacturers have been laboring to make their products visually pleasing, other unknown individuals (let’s call them ‘heroes’) have been coming up with ideas and products that can help you hide all those wires lying about the place.

Here are a few of them:

Decorative Trunking

By far one of the most popular solutions in many offices, and a growing number of homes, decorative trunking installs above your skirting board, and is available in a number of square or curved designs. Unobtrusive and often stylish, these trunks can be cut to the ideal size and painted to fit in with your existing décor.

How it works: Decorative trunking typically consists of two parts. The flat back panel usually comes with a layer of adhesive tape which makes it easy to affix to your wall just above the skirting board. Cables can then be clipped onto the panel, and covered with an angular or curved cover. The result is what appears to be a second skirting board sans a mess of cables on your floor.

Watch the demo video:

Floor Cable Covers

The one limitation of decorative trunking is that it makes mobility a tricky thing. If you regularly move chargers and power cords from one room to the next, a solution is needed that can help prevent accidents, but takes only a moment to apply. Floor cable covers are flat rubber strips with a cavity on the one side where cables can be accommodated and easily removed. These rubber strips have been designed to help prevent accidents.

But, take note, they have not been designed to blend in perfectly with your existing décor. Still, with a bit of paint or the touch of an artist’s decorative brush, a seamless blend, or even decorative addition, can be created in a matter of minutes.

Wireless Technology

Got budget to spare? Nowadays there’s a wireless everything – from speakers to displays to keyboards and more. Pretty soon, it is said, wireless electronics chargers will be commonplace in our homes, too. Although many wireless gadgets have a wire connected to the base unit (where they are recharged), they greatly simplify cable management. These are ideal for individuals who like being at the technological forefront of, well, everything, and those who rely on mobility on a regular basis. Of course, the one thing you’ll still have to worry about is battery life.

Now over to you – do you have any other ideas how homes can be kept cable-clutter free? Leave a comment below, and let us know.