Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that almost everybody looks forward to all year round. And this is not surprising considering everything that the holiday represents: American patriotism, family, unity, and gratitude. However, it is not possible to just wake up and find everything prepared for you. Dishes need to be prepared, the house needs to be cleaned, and decorations need to be put up. This is where this blog post comes in. Here are a few ways to get your humble abode ready for Thanksgiving:

  1. Clean your house from top to bottom. Wipe down the kitchen countertops, polish the silver, clear out any clutter, vacuum the hallways and carpets, put aside any clutter that is lying around, mop the floors, etc. Do everything possible to get the house spic and span so that guests feel welcome in your home and you also bring in a little holiday cheer.
  2. Plan your menu in advance. For what is a Thanksgiving dinner without a killer menu to match? From beverages to main course to dessert to entrees, tick off every item from the list and pick up all the items that you need at the store well before the big day. This will save you the stress of running to the store on the day itself panicking over some item that has run out. You can also get input from your family members or guests about what they want to eat on that day.
  3. Do your research on cleaning tips post-Thanksgiving. This might be crossing the bridge before you get there, but accidents do happen when festivities roll around and you need to be well prepared for them. Wine glasses spill over, cranberry juice makes its way to your carpet, and lipstick stains stay persistently on your napkins. Search for solutions online for these problems just in case.
  4. Map out your activities. If your family usually sits around the television watching a game or a movie, why not change things up this year and do game night instead? This provides a perfect bonding opportunity and it is fun, too.