Do you ever find yourself wondering about how fast time goes by? It seems like we had just celebrated Thanksgiving and now here we are again… one year later. Different families celebrate Thanksgiving in their own unique ways. Whether you are going to be having both sides of the family over for a large, festive holiday dinner or it is going to be just and your significant other sharing an intimate meal, you want to set the right ambiance by making sure that your home is clean and ready for the holiday that is to come. With this in mind, let us get started:

  1. Bust out the bathroom supplies. This is the first on the list because it is the part of the house that is often forgotten or neglected when prepping for the arrival of guests. That said; wipe down the mirrors and shower glass in the bathrooms. Refill the liquid soap bottles or replace any soap bars that have gotten watery or slimy. Put out fresh hand towels for your guests to dry their hands with after washing. You can also spray the room with Febreze or put out a pot of potpourri prior to their arrival.
  2. Mop and vacuum the hallways. You want your house to be as pristine as possible when your guests arrive at your door. To make this happen, make sure that it is dust free and shiny. Mop and vacuum your home at least one day before your guests arrive to give the area time to dry out.
  3. Wipe down the kitchen countertops. Dirty kitchen countertops are a sure way to put off any guests you are looking to make a good impression on. After you have cooked all the food and prepared all the dishes that you need, wipe down your kitchen countertops and make them shine. This makes your home look appealing and welcoming.
  4. Get rid of any clutter lying around. Lastly, clear out any toys, magazines, papers and other things that are lying around. Be careful not to have any safety hazards lingering that could endanger your guests’ safety and well-being. Keep the area well-lighted as well.