Worries about the safety of your home while on a vacation? A few easy-to-use gadgets and your smartphone is all you need for a relaxing, stress-free holiday.

  1. Lock and unlock those doors from anywhere: don’t leave a spare set of keys with the neighbour and depend on someone to enter your house at their will to walk the dog, since you can keep control of the door.
  2. Turning on the lights in your home every now and then will make oothers feel like you’re at home when actually you’re away on vacation and controlling the lights from there!
  3. Sensors like DropCam, can sense movement or unexpected entry and notify you of the same with a video clip as well!
  4. Automate your aquarium: with an auto-feeder, a heater backup a light routine and some help from a friend or neighbour, you can automate your aquarium even if you plan a long vacation.
  5. Automate payments if any: be it the payments to your employees, vendors or even the caretakers, its never good practise to delay payments even if you’re on holiday.
  6. Water those plants wirelessly: devices like PlantLink can help water your dear plants based on a time of the day through a command over your smartphone.
  7. Adjusting the thermostat from your phone: this sophisticated automation can help pre-heat or cool your home to an optimum temperature through your Android or Apple smartphone.
  8. Tracking your pet: a small device on the dog’s collar can help keep track of your pet and can also help track it if lost all from your smartphone.
  9. Control that TV: you can ensure that your pet or caretaker can watch TV to keep them occupied for controlled amounts of time.
  10. Control the electrical appliances from far: in case you may have forgotten to switch off an appliance and left for a vacation, you can switch it off using your phone if connected to a home automation system.

With a hub to connect with on your smartphone you can do all this with just a touch of a button!