It may sound strange to be anxious about cleaning a kitchen appliance whose key job is to wash dishes. But the highly useful machine, dishwasher definitely requires regular cleaning very similar to your other kitchen appliances. The stains on dishwasher will not only make it look bad but they also start producing bad smell because of bacteria which thrives in moist, dark and warm places. Here are some important tips which will help your dishwasher to look extremely clean.

  • Dip a toothbrush in warm soapy water and scrub the rubber seal area of the door to remove the stains. You can also consider scrubbing door hinges and bottom area of dishwasher using same technique.
  • Wipe down the door and gasket with the help of wet cellulose sponge. Try to reach out to the every corner and clean it with sponge drenched in sudsy, hot water.
  • Sprinkle a cupful amount of powdered ascorbic acid or baking soda around the tub’s bottom. It will not only help to release the hard stains but also enhance freshness in the machine.
  • Always take help of Q-tips in order to wash the hot air vent of your dishwasher. Use tweezers in order to eliminate any kind of debris which is stuck in the spray holes of spinning arms.
  • Depending upon the state of the pipes and water sources, you might see rust or mineral stains inside the dishwasher. So you may have to repeat the cleaning cycle on consistent basis until you take care of the key problem at the source.
  • Try to refill the rinse aid dispenser of your dishwasher at least once in a month. It definitely helps to prevent spots and stains on your dishes while cleaning them.
  • Try to avoid any detergents which have bleach in them, if the doors and interiors of your dishwasher are made from stainless steel material.
  • Always prefer using vinegar solutions to clean your dishwasher. If you don’t have vinegar solutions then opt for lemon juice or lemonade mix but don’t use dark colors which may create more stains.
  • Pay proper attention to the cleaning handle and controls of your dishwasher. Don’t forget to clean the little lodge among panels as it tends to accumulate lot of dirt.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to clean stains from your dishwasher in most effective and affordable way.