Tips for Keeping Your House CleanEverybody loves a clean home but usually, cleaning up mess around the house is such a time consuming and tedious job that most of us wish to avoid it at all costs. However, following the tips given below can allow you to maintain a clean and healthy home for yourself and your family:

Designating a Space for Everything

This is a very simple trick to keeping your house organized. Always fix areas where specific items are supposed to be placed. Place your clean clothes inside the cupboards, the dirty ones in the laundry basket; magazines and newspapers in a rack; cleaning supplies in an easily accessible storage cupboard; dirty dishes in the dish washer; etc. Just keeping things in their respective places will automatically give your home a cleaner appearance.

If you feel that the space you have designated for an item is usually hard to reach; then change the allotted area. Make sure that the things you use on a daily basis are within easy reach.

Putting Things Away After Use

Remember to put your stuff back in its place once you’ve finished working with it. For instance, keep the vacuum cleaner back in its place, hang your coat in the closet when you come home, don’t leave the dishes piled up near the sink and collect your dirty clothes in a proper basket rather than leaving them on the floor.

Do you usually find a lot of random stuff around the house that you can’t put in place immediately? Place a box or a basket in a central position within your home while cleaning. If you find anything that cannot be put in place at that point in time, put it in the basket. Clear away your basket at the end of your cleaning routine.

This trick works particularly well for houses having multiple floors. Rather than going up and down the stairs repeatedly, clean the house downstairs and keep the items that you have to place upstairs in an area near the stairs. Once the ground floor of the house is completed, go the upper floor and take the box or basket with you to put the things away properly on the other floor level.

Clear Away Stuff That You Don’t Use or Need

We all know that it’s hard to part from items that hold memories for us or that have been the cause of a significant investment; but getting rid of all the useless items that you horde in your home can make cleaning it so much more easier. Every once in a while, go through your cupboards and drawers and find things that you know you will never use. Chuck them in the garbage or donate them so that you have less clutter in your home.

Prioritize Your Cleaning

There is always one item in each room that needs to be cleaned, make it a priority. For example, make the bed in the bedroom, clean the sink in the bathroom, clear the counters in the kitchen, clean the coffee table in the living room and so on. Even if you just clean the one thing in each room that attracts the most attention from you or your guests, you will get the desired effect of a cleaner home.

Hire Professional Help

If following the above given tips doesn’t work, there is always the solution of hiring professional cleaning services to maintain your home in its neat and tidy condition. There are many companies today, who offer basic cleaning services for your home and you can also contact them if you require a more thorough house cleaning.