Though central vacuum system looks mechanically simple, it requires extra care when it comes to maintenance. Inlet valve flaps and electric motor are the most important moving parts in it which require lot of attention while cleaning. Here we have highlighted some important tips which will help you to maintain your central vacuum system in most effective way –

  • Every central vacuum system is built around an electric motor which must offer uninterrupted service. So watch out for all motor fasteners regularly to make sure that they are functioning properly.
  • Remember to check exhaust vent regularly and make sure it is not blocked by any plant growth or dirt. You must aware of the exact position of exhaust vent so that it will not get blocked accidentally by some other equipment.
  • The condition of vacuum hoses is most important factor in proper functioning of your central vacuum system. So check vacuum hoses occasionally to avoid any wear and tear of the system.
  • Your vacuum system will always face the problem of clogging because of an attempt to clean the items which are extremely damp or too large. So before using the vacuum system make sure your clean the floor with dustpan to remove any oversized stuff.
  • Every central vacuum system comes with bags which should be made empty after specific period of time. Each time the bags are emptied, inspect the filters of system to keep them clean. Cleaning of filters involves shaking and placing them in the same position at which they were earlier.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to check the hose heads of vacuum system regularly to remove any unnecessary dirt on them. Besides this, the carbon brushes in your system must be replaced after every 3-4 years to get proper results.

Central vacuum system offers a high level of consistency and reliability in vacuum cleaning. Following above mentioned steps will make sure that your system will remain in proper working condition to give you better results.