There is nothing you will find disturbing in the bathtub except that unwanted ring around the tub called as soap scum. It is produced from the reaction of soap minerals with hard water. It is accumulated bath after bath and becomes highly disgusting if not cleaned at the right time. Here we have listed some effective tips for you to get rid of soap scum –
• It is recommended to use abrasive substance such as detergent to combat with the soap scum or sludge. Borax is one of the natural compounds that can be used as a cleaning agent. It has strong deodorizing property and extremely useful in removing the soap scum from your bathtub.
• If you are finding it difficult to get rid of tougher soap scum then sprinkle lemon juice on the tainted area and remove it with the tile scraper. Avoid using tile scraper on travertine or granite as it may create scratches on tile surface.
• Baking soda is another effective solution which helps you to remove stubborn soap scum in most convenient way. For better results, you can also consider mixing vinegar with baking soda to get rid of rigid soap scum stains easily.
• A steam cleaner is one of the effective tools which can be used to eradicate soap scum from the bathtub and shower area. If you don’t have steam cleaner, simply rinse the surface of shower with hot water to remove unnecessary grim and scum.
• When it comes to soap scum cleaning up, prevention is always better. So make sure you clean the bathtub and walls around it every day to avoid regular build-up of soap scum or sludge.
• When not in used, keep the windows of bathroom open to allow the air circulation and entrance of light. This will help to reduce the moisture levels in your bathroom thereby obstructing the growth of mildew and scum in the shower area.
While following above techniques to clean the scum, make sure you wear gloves and wash your hands properly after cleaning is done.